Creative interaction is the definition of this tandem.

Over 15 years Graciela Leanza and Javier Martín have been traveling around the word devising, giving life to and taking care of every detail of the conceived designs. They are the dreammakers wherever they go.

The energy that Graciela Leanza and Javier Martín develop was requesting each time bigger spaces for team coordination and unimpeded flow of creativity. During one of the trips they visited a studio of the magnificent designer Paola Navone. Burst of emotions.

Once back home they were no longer searching for a conventional space in Marbella. They had to find an iconic building that would enhance their unique collaboration and allow to meet the challenge of realizing their creative ideas in any place of the world. The only existing limit is the one established by the client.

Certainly, such place existed, and the ideas spouted without end. El Rastro, the antique shop, was full of stories and rare pieces. Yes, this was the space… This was the space to show the creative capacity of all the projects carried out abroad and the projection of some new ideas hand in hand with such brands as Baxter. From the architectural perspective it was sought to bring out the essence, the soul of the edifice in order to amalgamate the abundant sources of creativity. Now it is a place with its own identity, personal mood, colors and Italian esthetics that Baxter adds to every project.

El Rastro Maison du Design is a vibrant space, a point of departure of exclusive turNkey projects to any place in the world.